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[God's Christmas Gift]The Real Life Nativity Figurines -- Nice Show of Your Belief in Christianity

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Ideal for your mantelpiece or hearth, this 10-inch /14 -inchscale Three Kings Gifts Real Life Nativity Set includes 11 compact collectible nativity figures. You get hand-painted, polymer resin depictions of the Holy Family - including a removable Baby Jesus figure that may either be cradled in Mary's arms or placed in the manger - two shepherds, the Three Kings, an ox, a donkey, an angel and the Christmas star. The dramatic, lifelike nativity figures are sure to bring joy to your Christmas display year after year.

*Tallest figure: King Balthazar H 10.25"
*Shipping weight: 15 pounds
*Shipping dimensions: L 23" W 18" H 13"
*Indoor use only 
Complete your 10-inch scale nativity scene with these gorgeous hand-painted nativity figures by Three Kings Gifts. The set includes amazingly realistic depictions of two humble shepherds cloaked in simple robes, including a kneeling shepherd with a sheep by his side, and an elegant angel with outstretched hands. Three Kings nativity figures are made from polymer resin for many years of indoor use. Also available as part of the Real Life Nativity Collection.

*Dimensions: Standing shepherd H 9.5"; kneeling shepherd H 6.5" and angel H 9.5"
*Shipping weight: 6 pounds
*Shipping dimensions: L 17" W 17" H 7"
*Indoor use
If you're collecting nativity figures each year, start with this heirloom-quality Three Kings Gifts Real Life Holy Family. The set includes hand-painted polymer resin depictions of Joseph, Mary and the newborn Baby Jesus, who may either be placed in Mary's arms or swaddled in the manger for versatile staging. Christmas Night Inc. also sells this spectacular Holy Family set as part of the complete Real Life Nativity Collection.

*Dimensions: Joseph H 9"; Mary H 6"; Jesus L 2.75" and manger H 2.5"
*Shipping weight: 4 pounds
*Shipping dimensions: L 11" W 11" H 11"
*Removable Baby Jesus
*Indoor use
As the centerpieces of the entire Three Kings Gifts Real Life Nativity Collection, these remarkable Three Kings nativity figures bear real-life gifts, including 23-karat gold floating inside King Melchior's glass vial, authentic Arabian myrrh within King Gaspar's chest and pure Omani frankincense in King Balthazar's trunk. The set also includes a detailed depiction of the Star of Bethlehem for a truly inspirational nativity display. Figures are hand-painted and made from lasting polymer resin for years of indoor use.

*Dimensions: Balthazar H 10.25"; Melchior H 9.5"; Gaspar H 7.25" and star H 12.6"
*Shipping weight: 6 pounds
*Shipping dimensions: L 17" W 17" H 7"
*Includes real gold, myrrh and frankincense carried by kings
*Indoor use
Create a realistic nativity scene on a 10" scale with these charming animal figurines. The goat, sheep and camel are all perfectly poised to greet Baby Jesus, and each one is painted by hand for beautiful, old world-style detailing. These animals can be added to the Three Kings Real Life Nativity Collection from Christmas Night Inc.

*Designer: Three Kings
*Part of the Real Life Nativity Collection

*Camel - 6" x 8"
*Goat - 3.75" x 6.25"
*Sheep - 4.5" x 3"
*Made of polymer resin
*Shipping weight: 4 lbs.
*Shipping dimensions: L 11" W 11" H 25"
*For indoor use
Give your special nativity display an authentic finish with the 10-inch scale Small Donkey, Ox and Camels by Three Kings Gifts. Each hand-painted figure is made from cast polymer resin and features exceptionally lifelike detailing for an exciting Christmas display. These animals are also sold as part of the Real Life Nativity Collection from Christmas Night Inc.

*Dimensions: Donkey - 4" by 4.25"; Ox - 3" by 5"; Sitting camel - 3.25" by 4.75" and Standing camel - 6.75" by 6.25"
*Shipping weight: 5 pounds
*Shipping dimensions: L 19" W 13" H 6"
*Indoor use
Professionally designed for an authentic Christmas Eve setting, the 10-inch scale Stable with Light by Three Kings Gifts features exceptional detail in the weathered stone and stucco walls, exposed wood beams and palm-thatched roof. The battery-operated nativity stable features soft lighting to illuminate your favorite nativity figures. It's also sold as part of the Real Life Nativity Collection at Christmas Night Inc.

*Made of polymer resin
*Batteries included
*Dimensions: W 20" H 12.75" D 5.25"
*Shipping weight: 12 pounds
*Shipping dimensions: L 23" W 19" H 9"
*For indoor use
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